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What kind of black ink pens do you use the most?
Please complete the evaluation to the right of each selection made.
Name of Marker How
do you
use per month?
rate the quality?
1 - 5
(1 is poor,
5 is best)
Do you experience offset problems? What is your cost per pen? Your Comments...

Do you use color pens? If so, water based or permanent?
Color preferences:
L = Light, M = Mediu, D = Dark; Colors are approximate representation of actual inks.
L Green L Blue L Flesh L Brown Pink Yellow Lilac
M Green M Blue M Flesh M Brown M Red Orange Violet
D Green D Blue D Flesh D Brown D Red Grey Hot Pink

 What are your buying habits?
Where do you buy? Packaging How often do you buy? Other products you would like us to carry.
Online Purchase by the box Weekly
Art Supply Purchase individually Monthly
Other As needed

Identity and Demographics
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What type(s) of work do you do?
Caricaturist Commercial Art Fine Art
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Comics Digital Art Logo Design
Where are you from?
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